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The Center for Public Justice seeks to equip students to respond to God’s call to pursue justice for all. 

The Shared Justice Student-Faculty Research Prize awarded three student-faculty pairs from Council
for Christian Colleges and Universities (CCCU) schools with funding to conduct research on the social safety net. Students researched a federal safety net program and explored the program’s impact in their local community. This semester-long research project culminated in three policy reports that together form the Reframing the Safety Net series.

Beginning in January 2018, each student worked closely with Shared Justice and their faculty advisors...

In June, two of the recipients presented their research at the Christians in Political Science Conference held at Covenant College. 

The Reframing the Safety Net series seeks to offer a compelling vision for how our society can best serve and equip vulnerable individuals and families during their times of need.

“The relationship between refugees and federal services tends to be highly politicized, yet enigmatic. As Christians, we have a duty to care for and provide for this vulnerable population in our communities.”
- Emily Miller
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Emily Miller

“My hope is that my research on the Section 8 affordable housing program in The City of Lynn (Essex) will provide awareness to the limited affordable housing options in the community.”
- Jordan Bellamy
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Jordan Bellamy

“Embracing cultural diversity is a way in which safety net programs can better serve underrepresented populations.” - Juliana D’Aoust
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Juliana D'Aoust