About the Authors

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Dr. Priscila (Diaz) Castaneda

Dr. Priscila (Diaz) Castaneda served as Juliana D’Aoust’s faculty advisor for this report. Dr. Castaneda is an associate professor in the Department of Psychology at Azusa Pacific University. She completed her Ph.D. in August 2011 from the Social Psychology program at Arizona State University. Her extensive research and quantitative training in the Social Psychology program at Arizona State University branded her work in intergroup relations and culture.

Her main research interests include attitudes towards immigrants, and the societal as well as intrapersonal challenges facing minority and immigrant groups. In addition, she examines how culture and socioeconomic status influence health care decision making. She has developed a research program with a number of collaborations applying multiple methodologies, including lab experiments, longitudinal studies, surveys, and field interviews. Much of this collaborative work to inform policy, social services, behavioral scientists, and prevention efforts to shape the lives of individuals living in a multicultural setting.

Juliana D'Aoust

Juliana D’Aoust, originally from Gilbert, Arizona, is entering her junior year at Azusa Pacific University (APU), double majoring in Psychology and Honors Humanities. She is interested in specializing in health and cultural psychology as a platform into the fields of public health or clinical counseling. She is passionate about missions and global outreach, particularly ministries promoting sustainable development in vulnerable communities. Juliana has been to Guatemala, Mexico, and the Dominican Republic twice on mission trips focused on community development. Most recently, she lead an Action Team to the Dominican Republic with her university, serving at a women’s social work site through the organization Students International.

Juliana has participated in Dr. Priscila Castaneda’s Social Diversity and Cultural Development Research Lab and has recently received the Scholarly Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE) award to continue researching dimensions of cultural competence in the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Children, and Infants (WIC) in Azusa, California. She is completing her research under the guidance of Dr. Castaneda and Dr. Kathryn Ecklund in APU’s Psychology Department. In her past, Juliana has also enjoyed cheerleading at APU and making s’mores with campers as a counselor for WinShape Camps.