Have you ever considered what it means to love your neighbor through politics?

At Shared Justice, we’re committed to inspiring and equipping Christian 20- and 30-somethings to consider our responsibilities as citizens–ones that extend far beyond a visit to the voting booth every four years. In fact, our call to distinctive Christian citizenship actually requires that we love our neighbors by pursuing the well-being of our political communities today and every day. Many of you do that: by writing for us, by advocating for just policies in your communities, and even by running for office.


We’re a community committed to serving our neighbors through politics -    not absent of it. Will you join us?


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The action-oriented, Christian perspective on public justice has been a beacon of hope for me over these past few years. It is possible for millennials to have a thoughtful, action-oriented, Christian perspective on justice - Shared Justice proves that.
- Dan Carter

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