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What is Shared Justice?

What does it mean to “do justice” in our lives as citizens when it comes to the issues in the news, like the economy, health care, education, marriage, immigration and more? How does God want government, citizens and other institutions to share the task of justice? How do we communicate our views in biblically faithful ways that are winsome and accessible to people who don’t share our faith?

These questions aren’t easy to answer – but we think that thoughtful discussion of Christian citizenship is vital to being able to love and serve our neighbors as we seek the good of all.

The Center for Public Justice has created Shared Justice, an online journal to help us think through these questions and live out the answers.


The mission of Shared Justice is to give you (whether you think politics is damaging, irrelevant or as important as breathing) an interactive space to engage, discuss, and reflect. Its defining feature is the voices of college students and young adult contributors shaping and pushing the conversation – discovering together what it means to share justice.

Shared Justice is dedicated to engaging young Christians in a conversation around what it means to “do politics justly.” With a distinctive perspective, we help citizens, policymakers, and government identify the right roles and responsibilities they each have to share the task of justice and respond to the call to pursue public justice for all.

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