What is Shared Justice?

Shared Justice is an initiative of the Center for Public Justice 

Shared Justice is an online publication and community for Christian twenty and thirty somethings interested in the intersection of faith, politics, and justice. We were founded in 2012 by the Center for Public Justice to address a critical question: what does it mean to "do justice" as citizens in a diverse political community? 

With a distinctly Christian perspective, we cover domestic and international issues through the lens of public justice. We are non-partisan and are committed to publishing respectful, thought provoking content that helps us pursue justice together.

Who is Shared Justice?

The defining feature of Shared Justice is the voice of college students and young professionals who shape the conversation – discovering together what it means to share justice. Our content is written by a diverse network of over 100 contributors who are college students and PhDs, parents and teachers, pastors and Capitol Hill staffers, corporate employees and non-profit leaders, and more.

But the Shared Justice community extends beyond our writers. Over 24,000 readers visited our site last year. In addition to our online community, Shared Justice Editor Katie Thompson and other Center for Public Justice staff frequently visit college campuses and churches across the country to inspire and equip twenty and thirty somethings to pursue public justice in their everyday lives. 

Why Shared Justice?

We can’t afford to be a generation that gives up on political life. Many of us are fed up with partisan politics and government dysfunction. Often politics and the injustices we see in the world feel too messy, complex, and corrupt to step into. But checking out of politics is not the answer.

We believe that God actually calls us into that messy and complicated space as part of our service to Him.

As Christians our faith extends to every area of our lives, including our political lives. We believe that God has positioned institutions like government, churches, businesses, and families in society with unique roles and responsibilities in the pursuit of justice. The mission of Shared Justice is to provide an interactive and hopeful platform to engage, discuss, and reflect on what it means to honor God in our pursuit of public justice.

Will you join us?